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Title : Digital Rights Management
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Author / Editor : B.K Jain Rs 2900
About the Book : This book was designed to help you chart a confident course through the technologies, business issues, and solutions in an industry in a constant state of flux. Author shows the principles behind digital rights management: the existing content provider environments in which the industry was born, the new business models that are possible through DRM solutions, the fundamentals of the relevant technologies, and how to combine it all into solutions that make sense for your business.This book will be of interest to people who work on the technology side of the industry. If you are a technologist, you will find this book useful for learning about the business issues that concern content providers. This book will also appeal to those third parties with a vested interest in the world of digital content technology: investors, analysts, venture capitalists, consultants, and so on. Read this book to get more insight about DRM in one place than has heretofore been available, at any price.

Title : International Dimension of the Human Rights ( 4 Vols. Set)
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Author / Editor : S.R. Chauhan & N.S. Chauhan Rs. 9800
About the Book : The development of the human rights movement can be understood by looking at its political beginnings, conceptual reach, and the agents of that movement. This second revised and expanded edition of International Dimension of the Human Rights is an important attempt to present a critical examination of forty seven issues of human rights in four volumes. This revised edition contains all the entries of first edition in revised form and eleven new entries have been included which focuses on the solutions to poverty; trend towards worldwide abolition of death penalty; a preliminary empirically-based exploration of evidence and links between human rights and governance; human rights in India; exploration of the relationship between human rights and human security and involvement of human rights approaches and strategies; the development of the Islamic human rights movement; impact of human rights on anti-poverty movement; and the right to privacy in medical research and clinical practice. This work also focuses on human genetics; rights-based approaches to health policies and programmes, reproductive rights, and public health efforts. Undoubtedly, this book becomes indispensable source of inspiration for scholars and readers.

Title : Business Law: Principles and Practices
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Author / Editor : Kavita Krishnamurthi Rs. 2500
About the Book : This book entitled Business Law is written with a realization of the forces that have shaped, and continue to mold, our Legal Studies discipline and with a full understanding of the challenges students face when studying this subject. Therefore, we hope to offer book that is contemporary in approach, comprehensive in coverage, and clearly presented. Issues associated with globalization, diversity, and the Internet, among others, provide tremendous challenges to members of the business community today. Moreover, within the legal studies discipline, significant changes have occurred recently in a variety of areas—including the laws of bankruptcy, intellectual property, limited liability business structures, negotiable instruments, to name just a few. Transformation is occurring in business and within the legal studies discipline, and we attempt to capture major developments on both fronts within this study.

Title : Health Laws and Health Care System
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Author / Editor : Dr. S. Porkodi & Dr. Ansarul Haque Rs. 2000
About the Book : This book deals with the law aspects, law medicine relationship and about health care system. It highlights ‘Forensic medicine’-which deals with the application of medical knowledge to aid in the administration of justice, ‘Medical jurisprudence’-which deals with legal responsibilities of the physician with particular reference to those arising from physician and patient relationship such as medical negligence cases. It focuses on Health care systems in India and various Voluntary health care agencies origin and activities.The book consists of seven chapters. The first five chapters of this book cover definition, scope, penalties, salient features, recent amendments of various acts related to medical practice, hospital administration and finance, support services and pharmacy management. The sixth chapter explains about health care system, organisation of health care system in India and role of private organisation. The seventh chapter focuses on different health care agencies at national and international levels such as Indian Red cross society, AIWC, BSS, Central Social Welfare Board, UNICEF, UNDP, CARE etc. The authors believe that the book will serve as a tool for the students as well as health care professionals to better manage and understand various dimensions of Health Laws and Health Care System.

Title : Intellectual Property Right
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Author / Editor : Hyde William Cornish Rs. 2900
About the Book : This book offers a clear and understandable approach to intellectual property right issues from a developer’s point of view. Written by an intellectual property attorney who is also a programmer, Intellectual Property and Open Source delivers an engrossing survey of the legal landscape and practical advice about situations you’re likely to encounter when working on open source projects and pursuing new business ideas. This book encompasses nature and role of intellectual property right in technological development, Trade Mark and Service Mark, Geographical Indications, Industrial Designs, Copyright and related rights, Protection of new Plant varieties etc. Salient features of the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism, the vision of a Global IPR Order, means of tackling software piracy and IPR Enforcement, WIPO, and the TRIPS agreement, have also been studied.

Title : International Business Law
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Author / Editor : Monica Loss Rs. 2200
About the Book : This book 'International Business Law' attempts to present an integrated account of the enormous progress that has been referred to total norms and customary practices regulating international business transactions and all kinds of relationships between business organizations across national boundaries, which includes usually: contract law, sales law, company law, negotiable instrument law, marine law, insurance law, etc. It also puts emphasis on the business activities conducted between individuals and enterprises from different countries, especially the codes and regulations on trade and investment.The author has made serious and sincere effort to incorporate all important aspects of international business law in ten chapters. The very first chapter gives introductory outline of the book. The Law of Contract has been examined in second chapter however, third chapter deals with the legal framework of international business. Fourth chapter examines international sale law and the law of business organizations is described in fifth chapter. Sixth chapter emphasises the law of agency and seventh chapter deals with the law of business organizations. Role of WTO and GATT in international trade has been examined in eighth chapter. Ninth chapter deals with the law of intellectual property and India's international business laws are described in last chapter of those book. This book is valuable source of knowledge for students and teachers of BBA and MBA in general and International Business Management in particular

Title : Investigation of Crime Scene
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Author / Editor : Robert Allison Rs. 620
About the Book : This book presents a basic guideline of crime scene investigation which is based on real life experience, training and observations. Criminal profiling is an application of psychological theory to the analysis and reconstruction of the forensic evidence that relates to an offender’s crime scenes, and victim’s behaviour. While both activities may appear to be similar and in fact related, it is important to note that they are not the same. The difference between the two is most easily understood by looking at which questions about the crime they attempt to answer. We are sure that everyone who needs to understand the complex nature of crime and its investigation will find this book to be an invaluable source of information.

Title : Wakf: Islamic Law of Charitable Trust
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Author / Editor : Abdul Qadir Rs. 390
About the Book : This book is an analytical study of the historical development and socio-economic importance of the Islamic Law of Charitable Trust. The wakf is not mentioned in the Holy Quran, but derives its legitimacy primarily from a number of hadiths. The immediate spread and popularity of the wakf derives from the fact that it served socio-economic needs of the people.

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