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Sixth Sense – A Dream or The Future?

Remember that amazing scene in Minority Report when Tom Cruise just wiggles his hands in the air to sift through information? Or in
Harry Potter when the newspaper turns into a video? Pranav Mistry, a graduate from MIT media lab, brings this to real life!
With the help of this sixth sense technology, we can actually integrate the virtual world with the real world. The prototype comprises
of a pocket projector, a mirror and a camera contained in a wearable device. The projector and the camera are connected to a mobile
computing device in the user’s pocket. This new technology can be very handy in our current lives. If we want to click a picture and our camera is not with us, we can make the shape of a frame with our hands and it will automatically click a picture. Instead of dialing the phone number on our cell phones, we can conjure a phone keypad in our hands and to the virtual numbers to place a call. If we are selecting a book at a bookstore and are too lazy to read the back of it, we can place the book in front of the camera, receive its Amazon listing from the web, and project its rating on the cover. Instead of checking the time on your watch, you can simply draw a circle on your wrist and receive the time.

Although there are many more things you will be able to do, I think you get the picture! I guess that only time will tell
whether sixth sense technology will define our future, or will be just another impractical idea.
Shantanu Puri

Vasanth Velly School

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